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Welcome! I’m grateful to share my personal journey with you. There is a saying that we teach what we need to know and in my case that has been true. I was fortunate to be raised in a loving family with five siblings. However, life also threw me my share of curve balls. I had a choice and made a deliberate decision to be happy and healthy and said, “Yes” to the teachers, experiences and opportunities that showed up. I truly believe in the Law of Attraction and the power we have to manifest our desires. I personally use all the knowledge, tools and techniques that I teach in my powerful, experiential workshops. I hope you can join me and together we can inspire and empower you to create your own, “Amazing Life!”

With love and gratitude, Kristine Ochu 

Kristine’s Journey

Kristine grew up on Lake Windigo, surrounded by nature outside of Hayward, Wisconsin, home to the World Lumberjack Championships. She grew up loving and competing in the sport of log rolling and won the Sr. Amateur World Championship at age 16.  Kristine was also an avid reader and highly motivated to understand the mindset behind winning and discovered the world of sports psychology, motivation and personal development.

Kristine obtained her BA in Psychology and MA in Human Resources at the University of Minnesota and completed the prestigious world class Human Resource Executive Program at the University of Michigan. She worked for over 15 years for multi-million dollar companies to high tech start ups in top Executive positions. Her passion was in integrating the latest in personal and organizational development practices to achieve individual and business success. In addition, Kristine created and taught internationally a wide variety of topics ranging from teamwork and communication skills to vision and mission workshops.

Over the years, Kristine felt a calling to establish her own business and left the corporate world to become an entrepreneur. She took “the leap of faith” and founded Windigo Productions, a documentary film and screenwriting business. She also volunteered with various charities including filming the World Lumberjack Championships to help promote this unique sport.  In 2018, Kristine self published her children’s book, No Pooping on the Dock!  She donated the proceeds to children cancer centers and the Northwoods Humane Society.

While pursuing her creative interests, Kristine rediscovered her passion for comprehending and assimilating knowledge from the expanding field of human potentiality. She immersed herself and studied with leaders in the fields of meditation, neuroscience, energy medicine, creative visualization, chakra balancing, transformational theory, transpersonal and motivational psychology, personal quantum physics and overall spirituality. The result has been the creation of her powerful and experiential workshops. Her mission is to share her experience and knowledge to inspire and empower women of all ages to create the amazing life they dream of!


You are more powerful than you realize! You can achieve your dreams!

Kristine Ochu

It’s Time to Create Your Amazing Life

My personal mission is to inspire and empower women to create their amazing life by teaching them the Law of Attraction, how to set intentions and use energy and motivational tools to stay on track! No changes are too big or small!

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Here are photos from Kristine Ochu’s personal collection. Thank you for sharing the journey! 

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