One technique to help you stay motivated and overcome obstacles in manifesting your intentions!

Life can be wonderful and challenging at the same time! We may be feeling great that our intention is manifesting through new opportunities or people we are meeting, when suddenly we encounter an obstacle that throws us off course

Everyone’s journey, environment, and situation is unique, however there are common tools and techniques that resonant with a majority. I’m grateful to share the following technique which was popular in my last, “The Night of a Woman’s Soul- Creating Your Amazing Life,” workshop.

This technique is called the, “Stop” method.  This is helpful when you have repetitive thoughts and get caught up in a worry cycle with your head spinning around the same topic over and over again.

Step one: Raise your hand in the air in the gesture of “stop” and say, “stop” out loud at the same time. You command yourself to stop thinking! Believe it or not, this simple practice can break the cycle of negative thinking!

Step two: Praise yourself for recognizing what is happening and that you want to make a positive change.

Step three: Now find something else that is positive to focus on! You can listen to an uplifting song, go for a walk, write out what you are grateful for, meditate, or read a favorite book. Choose something that you like to do – something that makes you happy! It can be helpful to create your own personal list of positive things that you can turn to and keep it close by.

Please stay tuned for further blogs on helpful techniques to, “Create Your Amazing Life!” Plus, I would love for you to join me at one of my upcoming public workshops. You can also organize a group and arrange a customized workshop to meet your needs. You can reach me through my Contact Page.  

With love and gratitude,

Kristine Ochu

My personal mission is to inspire and empower women to create their amazing life by teaching them the Law of Attraction, how to set intentions and energy and motivational tools!  No changes are too big or small!

Kristine Ochu

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