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To Women around the World! Are you ready to take an adventurous journey to create your amazing, authentic, and empowered lives? If yes!

You have landed at the right place!

Information and tools from my life-changing workshop, The Night of a Woman’s Soul-Creating Your Amazing Life will be SHARED RIGHT HERE in blogs, video guides, and social media posts for FREE!  


Teaching my workshop motivated me to take the next step on my own journey and complete my fun, adventurous women’s fiction novel that explores the power of friendship and weaves together the importance of letting go, self-love and forgiveness, authenticity, and empowerment! And I want to focus on sharing this book with women throughout the world.

My book will be released in 2022 –So check back often for great inspiration and information about my book release that focus groups say, “You will not be able to put down.”

Love, Kristine Ochu, Founder of “The Night of a Woman’s Soul- Creating Your Amazing Life!”

​Taking this journey to create the life you want isn’t always easy. Let’s face it—change can be hard. But we can find ways to make it easier. Through my workshop, I created a step-by-step process that will prepare you, motivate you and guide you through your obstacles towards success! These steps will be released over the next six months.

  • Step One: Let’s explore the power of the Law of Attraction and how it really works for you!
  • Step Two: Let’s get energized! I’ll share easy, practical tools to raise your vibrational energy!
  • Step Three:  Let’s dust off our personal compass and map and learn how to set clear intentions of what you want and how you can get there!
  • Step Four: Let’s fill our backpacks with the best motivational tools to stay on track!
  • Step Five: Let’s be alert to our obstacles and develop the courage to canoe through the rapids of life and explore the dark forest facing our fears!
  • Step Six: Let’s celebrate our progress together as we embrace our authentic, amazing, and empowered lives!

Yes! You can make this happen!

This life is yours to create!

Communicate your desires!

Understand the Law of Attraction and how to use it. Set clear intentions of what you desire.

Manage and Love Your Journey!

Elevate your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energy. Align and activate the Law of Attraction.

Experience the Joy of Manifesting!

Identify and overcome obstacles holding you back. Use motivational skills to manifest your desires.

Discover Your Peace!

Acquire a set of tools to help you overcome stress and find your inner peace when you need it most.

Kristine Ochu

Kristine Ochu is a former International Human Resource Executive (BA Psychology, MA Human Resources) and worked for multi-million dollar companies to high-tech startups. Kristine left the corporate world and became an entrepreneur creating film documentaries, screenplays, children’s books, and now her women’s fiction novel.

Kristine’s knowledge and practices combine the Law of Attraction with energy medicine, chakra balancing, creative visualization, meditation, transpersonal and motivational psychology, neuroscience, and overall spirituality to empower women to create their amazing life!


It’s incredible to discover your personal power to create the life you desire by setting clear intentions and managing your thoughts and feelings!

Kristine Ochu


I feel elated to have the opportunity to share this life changing knowledge to empower women to overcome obstacles and create their amazing life.

“Very concise and powerful seminar. Lots of AMAZING techniques for boosting energy in a very short amount of time.”   

Donna A.

“I look forward to doing more classes with you for improving myself in many aspects. I am a true believer in “it’s never too late” for anything if you put your mind to it and are positive. Thank you for sharing with us.”  

Judy M.

“The workshop allowed us to learn techniques to bring love, positivity and balance into our lives. So needed in this world with so much stress and negativity.  Kristine did a great job.” 

Sandy D.

“Kristine Ochu is an amazing speaker and motivator. Her passion and knowledge of the subject matter are impressive and inspiring. I was truly enlightened and couldn’t wait to try out the tools and techniques in my daily life. She shares words of wisdom and guidance to a true and better self. I look forward to more of her workshops.” 

Lisa D.

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Stay Tuned for Kristine’s New Women’s Fiction Book Released in 2022.  Kristine will Share Tips and Tools that are Woven into this Beautiful, Uplifting Story during the Next Six Months

All of this powerful information will be shared on Kristine’s website blogs, her YouTube channel,  Facebook business page, Instagram and Linkedin. You can also follow her on Twitter. 

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