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My mission is to share how the Law of Attraction can empower women to create their amazing life! I love teaching how to set an intention and stay inspired with motivational tools and techniques.  I’m blessed to share the following praise from my workshop attendees. Click here for more information on our Workshops.

I learned about love, honor, peace, contentment. I leave with all of these tonight! By sharing I support others in their journey to be heard. I loved hearing and seeing Kristine, and being in the same healing space. I love how God is returning me to where I left off as a teen and letting me rekindle what I had taken away from me and then spent years filling the void with the wrong things—things that held me back. But mine is a story of redemption and today I am free to live and breathe and grow. Thank you Kristine for the support and I know this is only the beginning into friendship. 


The Night of a Woman’s Soul was amazing! Kristine’s kind, generous and loving spirit shines through as she leads us all through some wonderful steps to understand ourselves and learn techniques for self empowerment.  


I enjoyed the experience of the workshop. I re-read the information on the hand outs and hope it will arouse my spirit to continue following the suggestions. It was extremely helpful! 


I enjoyed and was inspired by your evening. I feel like I’m already quite positive but you added new ideas that I’m going to try. It was also special to be in the community of women. 


Thank you, Kristine for the inspiring workshop. It is evident that you don’t only teach this material, but live it as well. I could feel how passionate and open you are to alternative healing. I appreciate the devotion you have put forward in studying and integrating these practices in your life. Thank you for adding your positive energy to the world. Namaste, 


Thank you so much for a wonderful enlightening evening. I love the sense of community that was created with women coming together for a higher purpose. 


Very nice! Thank you. I am going to start off on a healing journey with the information and techniques!  


Awesome! Wonderful! Was just amazing – just what I needed. Thank you! 


This workshop covered a lot of ground in a very concise manner. Thank you for the opportunity to participate.  


Fabulous workshop! I am so grateful to know such a beautiful soul-you are a light! I love the motivational exercises and your energy! With love and gratitude.  


When I was at Kristine’s workshop the phrase, “I want whatever she is having,” from the movie When Harry Met Sally, kept going through my head. Her personal energy, confidence and vibration were almost as powerful as her words. Kristine’s energy was so pure and honest that you could feel how much she wanted every woman there to be richer, happier, more empowered and energetic in their own life.  


Thank you Kristine! I really enjoyed the evening! I learned a lot and loved your enthusiasm. I’m already using some of the techniques and have found them quite helpful.   


Kristine shared a wonderful concept of the Law of Attraction. You need to send a clear request out to the Universe and your intention will be returned. Her explanation on energy balance within our bodies is a concept that I am eager to explore. It was a wonderful evening with many wise women. 


The workshop was a wonderful experience! I came away very inspired! Thank you. 


Kristine’s Workshop had inspirational and practical tools for us to use. I taped the motivational hand out inside my bedroom closet door as a reminder. In addition I’m using my post-its to keep me on track with my intentions. I’m going to keep putting out to the Universe what I want as she coached us. I have new energy and knowledge, thanks to Kristine.


It’s Time to Create Your Amazing Life

Dance through the doors the Universe opens for you!

In “Creating Your Amazing Life” you will learn how to

Communicate your desires!

Understand the Law of Attraction and how to use it. Set clear intentions of what you desire.

Manage and Love Your Journey!

Elevate your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energy. Align and activate the Law of Attraction.

Experience the Joy of Manifesting!

Identify and overcome obstacles holding you back. Use motivational skills to manifest your desires.

Discover Your Peace!

Acquire a set of tools to help you overcome stress and find your inner peace when you need it most.


It’s incredible to discover your personal power to create the life you desire by setting clear intentions and managing your thoughts and feelings!

Kristine Ochu

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