One of the challenges we all face is an overloaded “To Do List” that ultimately overwhelms us and puts us into a state of anxiety and stress.  For you it might be getting stuck in traffic, you have a problem at work or your child is arguing with you. It’s easy to get caught up in the mental anguish of the moment. So the question is how can you relax your mind and body to create a more peaceful state to de-stress and change your mood. So here’s a quick tip to slow down and create a better state of mind where you can approach solving problems in a more effective and easier way. 

I discovered this caterpillar when I slowed down on a walk with a friend. It was a reminder to be mindful and be in the moment. I challenged myself to pay attention to other beauties in nature and say words of gratitude throughout the day. I encourage you to give it a try – see the shade of green on the leaves or the flower on the side of the road and really tune into the smile that hopefully occurs on your face as you slow down and enjoy the little things in life! Love, Kristine Ochu

I personally use all the knowledge, tools and techniques that I teach in my powerful, experiential workshops. I hope you can join me and together we can inspire and empower you to create your own, “Amazing Life!”

Kristine Ochu

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