I’ve discovered the biggest challenge in manifestation is to stay positive which means keeping your vibrational energy high. Let’s face it- even though we may be upbeat, usually happy and positive there are still many challenges during the day or week that lure us into getting upset, feeling frustrated, worrying about the present or future – things that bring down our vibrational energy level.  By vibrational energy I’m referring to the fact that our bodies are made up of energy that vibrates according to the thoughts we are thinking and how they make us feel. One simple way to think of this is our thoughts create our feelings and our feelings create our behavior. 

If you are reading this, you have probably learned how to set an intention, which is something you want to create—a dream, desire or goal.  (Note: You can check out how to “Set Intentions” on my home page and blog page at www.KristineOchu.com).

There are multiple tools to shift your vibration and stay on track. Understand  what works one day may not work the next, so stay open minded and try something new!

This is the process that I use. It starts with mindfulness which means being aware, really conscious of what I’m feeling and why I might be feeling that way.  If I’m in a low vibrational state, one of the first things I ask myself is, “Does this serve me?” The answer usually is, “No!”

The next step is to decipher the cause of my feeling. If I’m unclear, I repeatedly ask, “Why am I feeling this way” until I get to the real answer.  Now I can move onto to ask, “How do I want to feel?”

Here are some of the tools (not a complete list) that I use to shift myself into a positive state. It’s not always a one shot deal, and can take practice and repetition until it becomes a habit – but that’s another blog!

Here’s a partial list to start with!

  1. So you did everything you didn’t want to do, maybe got upset, yelled at your loved one, etc. So just hit the restart button! Be positive and say – “Okay, I’m human, I accept and love myself. I’m going to restart!” 
  2. If you’re having a day of obsessive worry and thoughts, say, “STOP!” Put your hand up in the air. Repeat STOP – until you stop! It’s amazing how this works!
  3. Do the smile exercise! Smile for 30 seconds and look in the mirror as you do it until you laugh!
  4. Day dream about what you want! Believe that it has happened. See it, taste it, hear it, smell it, feel it! Have fun with it!
  5. Say out loud, “I choose exercise xxx” statements. There is empowerment in the spoken words, for example, “I choose happiness!”
  6. Put post it’s with positive affirmations where you can see them to retrain your neural pathways. Positive thoughts have 100 times more power than negative thoughts!
  7. Record a morning greeting on your phone about how amazing you are and all the wonderful things that are happening to you. Hearing your own voice is powerful.
  8. Wake up and say out loud, “Something amazing and wonderful is going to happen today.”
  9. Music is powerful! Put on an upbeat song!  Sing along! Dance along!
  10. Forgive yourself for your mistakes. Guilt is toxic. The past only exists in your mind.
  11. Commit to a day of self praise! Create a game where you praise yourself at least five times and check it off on your phone.

Stay tuned for more tips and please feel free to email me at kristineochu@yahoo.com for any questions.

My personal mission is to inspire and empower women to create their amazing life by teaching them the Law of Attraction, how to set intentions and energy and motivational tools!  No changes are too big or small!

Kristine Ochu

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