You Can Create The Life You Desire And Deserve!


Kristine’s signature public, private and specialized/customized workshops, programs and presentations are designed to empower and inspire women and men to create the amazing life they desire and dream of! 

Signature Workshops


What you will learn and experience:

  • What is the Law of Attraction and how to activate it
  • How to set a clear intention for what you desire to create
  • Techniques to raise and align your emotional, physical and spiritual vibrational energy
  • Motivational tools and techniques to manifest your amazing life


What you will learn and experience:

  • Understand why you encounter obstacles
  • Learn the role of your conscious and subconscious mind
  • Identify what obstacles are holding you back
  • Gain tools and techniques to empower you to overcome obstacles

Specialized/Customized Workshops that can stand alone or be combined:

  • Understand and Activate the Power of the Law of Attraction
  • How to Set Clear and Empowering Intentions
  • Raise and Balance Your Vibrational Energy 
  • Manifest Your Intention through Creative Visualization
  • Inspire Yourself with Meditation Practices and Techniques
  • Stay on Track with Motivational Techniques

Who can benefit:

  • Individuals who want to make a positive change in their life whether it’s pursuing a dream, improving a relationship, overcoming limiting habits, enjoying a happier and healthier life, etc. The choices are endless!
  • Small groups whether it’s a book club, charity, community organization, newcomers group, gardening club, spiritual group, etc.!  Empower and create camaraderie for your group through learning and experiencing this powerful and inspiring information.
  • Small to large businesses –Set intentions in a teamwork environment. Learn practical motivational tools and techniques to empower everyone to work together to create business success!
  • Colleges and University Clubs- Inspire students to set intentions on what they want to create in their life using the Law of Attraction. Empower them by providing tools to manifest their dreams!

Signature Workshop Options:

  • 2 hours
  • 4 hours
  • Luncheon Seminar (45 minutes)
  • Full Day Event


  • Half day
  • Full day


  • Presentations
  • Break out workshops

Get Started

How to Participate in/or Arrange a Workshop: Use the Contact form below or email Kristine at Public Workshops are announced on the Home Page. Please also consider following me through social media as well. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and Linkedin.

You Can Break Old Habits To Create The Life You Desire and Deserve!


We are elated to share how we are empowering women and men to create their amazing life! Here is some of the praise we are receiving. Click here to read more!

“Very concise and powerful seminar. Lots of AMAZING techniques for boosting energy in a very short amount of time.”   

Donna A.

“I look forward to doing more classes with you for improving myself in many aspects. I am a true believer in “it’s never too late” for anything if you put your mind to it and are positive. Thank you for sharing with us.”  

Judy M.

“The workshop allowed us to learn techniques to bring love, positivity and balance into our lives. So needed in this world with so much stress and negativity.  Kristine did a great job.” 

Sandy D.

“Kristine Ochu is an amazing speaker and motivator. Her passion and knowledge of the subject matter are impressive and inspiring. I was truly enlightened and couldn’t wait to try out the tools and techniques in my daily life. She shares words of wisdom and guidance to a true and better self. I look forward to more of her workshops.” 

Lisa D.



Contact Kristine to discuss how to bring this powerful workshop to you.  Upcoming public workshops are coming in 2019 to: Nashville, TN, Boise, ID, Minneapolis, MN, Stay tuned for more details on date, time and specific location!

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