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From the moment that I stepped on the log and it started spinning–I fell in love with the sport of log-rolling and eventually won the World’s Senior Amateur Championship and other titles. I’ve always been drawn to new challenges, experiences and expanding my knowledge. Over time this led me to take a “leap of faith” and create “The Night of a Woman’s Soul—Creating Your Amazing and Adventurous Life” workshops designed to empower women to create their most amazing lives.

I truly enjoyed my career path in corporate America as an International Human Resource Executive in start-ups to multi-million dollar companies. My education includes a Masters degree in Industrial Relations and B.A. in Psychology from the University of Minnesota. This combination fueled my passion for assimilating knowledge from the vast field of human potentiality, including meditation, energy medicine, creative visualization, transformational, motivational and sports psychology, mindfulness, Universal Laws, neuroscience, quantum physics, and overall spirituality. My goal was to share these teachings and my adventurous spirit into the workshops and now, my novel, Campfire Confessions.

My journey, like the characters in my book, includes many twists and turns. It gave me abundant material to write Campfire Confessions. I promise to share more tidbits on my blogs and social media.

Headshot of Kristine

Placing 2nd for the Novice World Championship title!

Fun Fact: I founded Windigo Productions, a documentary film company, wrote 6 screenplays, and a children’s book, “No Pooping on the Dock! The Owl and the Looney, Whacky, Crazy and Naughty Ducks.” Yes–I do have a sense of humor! I grew up outside of Hayward, Wisconsin on Lake Windigo in the middle of the forest. I’m “kind of” a middle child being number 5 of 6 brothers and sisters. I was a single parent for many years before meeting the love of my life. We enjoy friends, family, nature and sports like hiking, kayaking and playing tennis! And an occasional high-scoring round of golf! I split time between Hayward, Wisconsin and Ameila Island, Florida.

I do believe that being involved in our communities whether local or worldwide, changes and broadens our perspectives. I’m a member of numerous organizations including the Global Women’s Club, Women in Film and Video New England, Harvard Square Script Writers and support local causes including the Humane Society, as we have rescued, fostered and adopted 5 senior Golden Retrievers to date. We love to say, that “they rescued us right back!”

Please feel free to contact me about speaking about the powerful themes in Campfire Confessions that include: friendship, laughter, letting go, empowerment, self- love, forgiveness, and authenticity. I will also continue to share material from my workshops when requested and through social media.

I would LOVE for you to travel with me on the journey of the creation of Campfire Confessions! I will share some of the highs and lows through my newsletters and blogs. We can laugh together, discuss our passions in life, connect more deeply with other women and empower ourselves to overcome the inevitable obstacles in our lives.


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Please contact me by clicking below or email me at or leave a message at 978-407-4148.

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