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Can you ever really keep a secret from your best friend? Find out when childhood best friends, Annie, Jo and Sondra reunite and escape on a hilarious canoeing trip that turns into a soul-searching, death-defying adventure. Will they discover the courage to face their truths and “confess” their secrets?

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Kristine writes with striking imagery and a keen attention to detail. The symbolism with a somewhat painful look to the past is touching and meaningful. Highly recommend reading Campfire Confessions in a book club with dear friends. - Melissa Frisvold PhD, APRN and Certified Nurse Midwife

Ochu’s deft storytelling skills and expert characterization combine to create a resonant tale that would prove a surefire hit with any women’s fiction book club. - BookLife Reviews from Publishers Weekly

I couldn't put this book down! The characters are real, their emotions raw! I loved their friendship and longed to be on the river with them. - Lorene Lacey Screenwriter, Christmas Mail, Marvista Entertainment and Maple Island Films Producton

Ochu captivates from the first page of this sharply written, highly engaging tale of three childhood friends and their troubled—and ultimately triumphant—adult lives. - BookLife Reviews from Publishers Weekly

Campfire Confessions is a book that you’ll want to read twice! The characters and story are so riveting that I missed some of the empowering tools that are cleverly interwoven throughout the adventure. The second time--have a highlighter ready to mark the breathing and energy techniques that helped her characters, so you can use them as needed in your life’s journey! - Andrea Trank Ed.S. M.Ed. U.Va. Founder of Heaven Lane Healing & Creative Arts, Certified Health Coach, HeartMath Trainer and Yoga Teacher

An immensely relatable, expertly written tale of female friendship and coping. - BookLife Reviews from Publishers Weekly

This book by Kristine Ochu is a powerful story that brings all sorts of emotions to the surface. Her characters are perfectly imperfect and a reminder that true friendship navigates the many obstacles and trials of life. Must read! - Kisma Orbovich, CEO of Illumination Academy, Creator of The Prosperity Code and Co-host of Illumination Podcast


Sometimes you feel as though the weight of the world can be on your shoulders. Where can you turn to when it all seems too much? In CAMPFIRE CONFESSIONS author Kristine Ochu shares a cast of characters that are going through the challenges of life. Can their friendship be what they need to unload and refresh themselves, ready for the next chapter they will face. Love the relatability of these characters, and the way the author showcases them so they are real. - Cyrus Webb, Founder of Conversations Live

A novel that gives you all the things you want from a fun read, CAMPFIRE CONFESSIONS shows the power of friendship and the importance of moving forward in spite of what may lie ahead. - Verified Amazon review

Kristine has written a wonderful book about women’s relationships with each other and the men they love. These women struggle with the same issues that most women face in their lifetime. We all know what fun we women have on our getaways and the unbelievable things that can pop up. She has woven campfire confessions into her latest endeavor, a blog inspiring women and offering tips on how to take care of themselves. Campfire Confessions made me realize the importance of friends from so many phases of my life. - Sherry S. Avid volunteer, teacher and community activist

I was on the plane reading and laughing out loud at some of the friend’s conversations! The people seated next to me and across from me were giving me sidelong glances as I giggled like a schoolgirl. Such a fun read! - Peggy B. Business Leader

Campfire Confessions, a gift from the heart! Fall in love with the creatively curated cast of characters and their vibrational energies ~with moments of hilarious~sometimes sizzling and humbling adventure. Kristine Ochu offers a truly magical celebration of empowerment and healing. - Nancy T. Reiki Master

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I read this in hope of getting a better idea of these "mysterious" girls' trips my wife takes. It's a lot more harrowing and deep than I anticipated. Guys just go play golf and barely talk on the course when we have the weekend off. But this book underscores how women can fit a life-time into a single weekend! It was a great glimpse into why women have such strong bonds with one another. Somebody once said that the only people who know you are those who knew you before 8th grade. This pretty much proves the adage to be true. It's refreshing in this time of strife and polarization to read about three people who could understand and respect their different spiritual journeys and learn from each other. I handed this to my wife to read and she's passed it on to her four best friends from childhood to read. Oh, no! I think they're planning another girls' weekend. This time on a river. What did I start?! Husbands, read's a peep into our wives' separate world. - Verified Amazon purchase

Having been born and raised in the small town of Hayward, Wisconsin, where Kristine Ochu’s novel is set, I was looking forward to reading it. I had no idea I’d laugh so much! Ms. Ochu has a unique way of describing what three childhood friends encountered during a canoe trip down the Namekagon River. Swarming mosquitoes, poison ivy, an angry beaver, diarrhea, rough Rapids, a runaway canoe, lost food and supplies, a near drowning, a fever, a deadly world pool, broken bones, getting lost in the forest, a wolf and counter… It will make for one exciting, hilarious adventure! - Connie Carlson, Retired Teacher and active church volunteer.

Campfire Confessions is a great story of friendship and forgiveness. It will make you laugh out loud as well as bring heartfelt tears to your eyes. Annie, Jo and Sondra are all amazing women with that once in a lifetime bond of friendship that we all search for. Great Book! - Kelly K. Pilates Instructor

Kristine Ochu packs an adventurous punch in her compelling story of the bonds between three females. The relatable characters journey to discover the boundaries and bridges of their meaningful friendships. An exciting read! - Robin P. Teacher, Artist, Playwright, Author

Once I started Campfire Confessions, I couldn’t put it down. I just had to keep reading. I loved the main characters and their adventurous spirits. I also loved that this was a novel that wasn’t overly esoteric but still took spiritual matters seriously. I highly recommend reading it - it’s a great way to escape a little while still bringing up some deep questions. - Caroline Z. Adventurer, Author, Entrepreneur

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