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Dear Friends,

It’s time to kick back, relax and enjoy this “Laugh out-loud tribute to sisterhood!” Personally, I was hungry for a book that was upbeat, full of humor and witty banter, while capturing more serious, real-life issues that women are going through. I felt by having three relatable characters who were best friends, and putting them in situations where they each had to face their fears through a soul-searching, death-defying adventure would make it unique and engaging for women.
So be ready for this story that has romance, friendship, action, adventure, laughter, mystery, and so much more! Much love, Kristine

Campfire Confessions

The International Bestseller

When three best friends' lives spin out of control, can an adventure lead them to what they were searching for?

Annie, Sondra, and Jo were the best of childhood friends—but they haven’t seen each other in far too long. Annie’s married to the local pastor and never left her hometown. She's perfect as can be – except for one secret she's been hiding from everyone, including her husband. When Annie’s secret explodes, Jo and Sondra rush back to the town they fled years ago.

Determined to find answers, they pry Annie away from her daily grind, escaping on a hilarious canoeing trip that turns into a soul-searching, death-defying adventure. Lost in the woods as one thing goes wrong after another, the three women find themselves sharing their deepest secrets around the campfire. But as each new revelation unfolds, one thing becomes clear: it will take more than a night of true confessions for the three of them to find their way back home.

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