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Join Kristine Ochu, former International Human Resource Executive turned Empowerment Coach on April 2, 2019 from 6:15 to 8 pm for this Amazing and Life Changing workshop at Shangri-La Historic Hotel, 27750 Old 41 Rd, Bonita Springs, FL 34135

Are you ready?

Do you have dreams you want to pursue? Are there changes you want to create in your relationships, your health, or life?

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Do you have habits, thoughts or fears you want to overcome? Are you ready to set your intentions, align your energy and activate the Law of Attraction?

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In this powerful experiential workshop, Kristine will guide you in discovering effective techniques to manifest the life you desire. Space is limited.

Workshop Details

In this powerful experiential workshop Kristine will guide you through the latest in Chakra balancing, energy tapping, meditation, and motivational tools and techniques. You will be coached to set your intentions, align your energy, and activate the Law of Attraction to manifest the life you desire and deserve.

Set Your Intentions – Use the latest in Transformational Psychology to help you get clear on what you desire!

Energy Alignment – Practice real energy medicine techniques you can use on a daily basis!

Law of Attraction – Obtain a deeper understanding of this Universal law and learn how to use it!

Motivational Tools – Leave with practical techniques you can immediately apply to your daily life to overcome stress and obstacles!  

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Kristine Ochu

Kristine, (BA, MA in Human Resources), is the founder of the “Night of a Woman’s Soul” workshops. Kristine has worked for multi-million dollar companies to high tech startups. She was a leader in developing, teaching and integrating personal and organizational development practices to achieve company success. She left to become an entrepreneur and created her own documentary film business, wrote screenplays, and a children’s book. During this time she discovered her passion in understanding the expanding field of human potentiality. Kristine went on to study with leaders in the fields of neuroscience, meditation, energy medicine, transformational psychology, personal quantum physics and overall spirituality resulting in her life changing workshops. Her mission is to share her experience and knowledge to inspire and empower women to create their amazing life. 


I feel elated to have the opportunity to share this life changing knowledge to empower women to overcome obstacles and create their amazing life.

“Very concise and powerful seminar. Lots of AMAZING techniques for boosting energy in a very short amount of time.”   

Donna A.

“I look forward to doing more classes with you for improving myself in many aspects. I am a true believer in “it’s never too late” for anything if you put your mind to it and are positive. Thank you for sharing with us.”  

Judy M.

“The workshop allowed us to learn techniques to bring love, positivity and balance into our lives. So needed in this world with so much stress and negativity.  Kristine did a great job.” 

Sandy D.

“Kristine Ochu is an amazing speaker and motivator. Her passion and knowledge of the subject matter are impressive and inspiring. I was truly enlightened and couldn’t wait to try out the tools and techniques in my daily life. She shares words of wisdom and guidance to a true and better self. I look forward to more of her workshops.” 

Lisa D.



Join Us on April 2, 2019 from 6:15 to 8 pm

for a magical evening on the sacred and spiritual grounds of the Shangri-la historic Hotel, 27750 Old 41 Rd, Bonita Springs, FL 34135


Manifesting what you most desire is easier than you think when you have clarity, gratitude and faith!

Kristine Ochu


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