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Get ready to create your Amazing Life!



My personal mission is to inspire and empower women to create their amazing life by teaching them the Law of Attraction, how to set intentions and energy and motivational tools!  No changes are too big or small!

Are you struggling to create the joyful, fulfilling, amazing life you desire?

  • Are there dreams you want to pursue?
  • Relationships you want to improve?
  • Are you stuck in old habits?
  • Are there fears you want overcome?
  • Do you want a healthier and happier life?
  • Are you ready to find success?

In “Creating Your Amazing Life” you will learn how to

Communicate your desires!

Understand the Law of Attraction and how to use it. Set clear intentions of what you desire.

Manage and Love Your Journey!

Elevate your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energy. Align and activate the Law of Attraction.

Experience the Joy of Manifesting!

Identify and overcome obstacles holding you back. Use motivational skills to manifest your desires.

Discover Your Peace!

Acquire a set of tools to help you overcome stress and find your inner peace when you need it most.

Kristine Ochu

Kristine Ochu is a former International Human Resource Executive (BA Psychology, MA Human Resources) and worked for multi-million dollar companies to high tech startups. She was a leader in integrating personal and organizational development practices to achieve company success. Kristine left to become an entrepreneur and created a film documentary business, wrote screen plays and self- published a children’s book.

She went onto follow her passion in the field of human potentiality and founded “The Night of A Woman’s Soul- Creating Your Amazing Life.” Her powerful experiential workshops combine the Law of Attraction with practices from transformational theory, chakra balancing, tapping, motivational psychology, and neuroscience to empower women to create their amazing life!


I feel elated to have the opportunity to share this life changing knowledge to empower women to overcome obstacles and create their amazing life.

“Very concise and powerful seminar. Lots of AMAZING techniques for boosting energy in a very short amount of time.”   

Donna A.

“I look forward to doing more classes with you for improving myself in many aspects. I am a true believer in “it’s never too late” for anything if you put your mind to it and are positive. Thank you for sharing with us.”  

Judy M.

“The workshop allowed us to learn techniques to bring love, positivity and balance into our lives. So needed in this world with so much stress and negativity.  Kristine did a great job.” 

Sandy D.

“Kristine Ochu is an amazing speaker and motivator. Her passion and knowledge of the subject matter are impressive and inspiring. I was truly enlightened and couldn’t wait to try out the tools and techniques in my daily life. She shares words of wisdom and guidance to a true and better self. I look forward to more of her workshops.” 

Lisa D.

More Amazing Workshops & Additional Topics

We have the unique ability to customize anything from a 45 minute workshop or presentation to a full day retreat! This allows us to work with small groups to large corporations. Below is a list of Workshops and Topics that can combined and customized to meet your specific needs.  We appreciate the opportunity to inspire you and the people in your life!

Major Workshops:

CREATING YOUR AMAZING LIFE WORKSHOP! (Customization available from 1 1/2 Hours to a full day) – Understanding the Law of Attraction – Setting Clear Intentions – Raising Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual energy vibration – Learn Motivational Skills to Overcome Obstacles

NAVIGATING THE RAPIDS OF MANIFESTATION WORKSHOP! (Customization available from 2 hours to a full day) – Learning the difference between conscious and subconscious obstacles – Identifying deeply ingrained subconscious obstacles – Overcoming tough obstacles, habit patterns and fears – Motivational Tools and techniques to keep on track

LOVING YOUR AMAZING JOURNEY! (Customization available from 2 hours to a full day) – Understanding and implementing the power of “Being Enough”- Identifying your belief systems and building confidence that “I am Worthy” – Embracing the “Magic and Grace of Forgiveness – How to Love Your Genuine Self

Additional Workshops: These topics can stand alone, or be combined together in a customized workshop: Letting Go – Forgiveness – Law of Allowing – Law of Attraction – Chakra Balancing  – Setting Intentions – Creative Visualization – Meditation Techniques – Overcoming Obstacles – Motivational Techniques – Loving Your Self and Life 


It’s astonishing and incredible to discover your personal power to create and manifest the life you desire by being clear on what you want and managing your thoughts and feelings!

Kristine Ochu



Contact Kristine to discuss how to bring this powerful workshop to you.  Upcoming public workshops are coming in 2019 to: Nashville, TN, Boise, ID, Minneapolis, MN, Stay tuned for more details on date, time and specific location!

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