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Let’s get our high vibrations going!

What is vibrational energy? Why is it important to keep it high and positive? It actually starts with the scientific fact that we are made of physical energy that vibrates at different frequencies. We know what it feels like when we’re tired compared to a great day where we’re full of energy. We get it!

What’s powerful is knowing that our thoughts and feelings are also made up of energy. So, if we are thinking negative thoughts our vibration is at a low frequency. If we are thinking positive thoughts our frequency is vibrating at a higher level.

Why is this important to know? Because if we want to achieve our dreams, or even achieve something as simple as having a good day—we can learn how to raise our vibrational frequency to attract positive things to come our way. This happens through the Universal Law of Attraction which we can also call the Power of Positivity. These laws state that what you put out into the universe with your thoughts, feelings and behavior is what you attract into your life--like attracts like. Positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative.

Let’s face it- even though we may be usually upbeat and positive there are still many challenges during the day or week that lure us into getting upset, feeling frustrated, worrying about the present or future – things that bring down our vibrational energy level. So, let’s equip ourselves with tools to stop those feelings, turn them around and get our energy going in the right direction.

How to start? First, be aware of your low vibrational feelings like anger, sadness, frustration, boredom, etc. Then ask why you might be feeling that way. You may have valid reasons to be upset about something and you may need to process those feelings. But if you want to change that, you can ask the question, “Does feeling, thinking or acting this way this serve me?” If your answer is no, then ask yourself, “How do I want to feel?” Focus on your positive answers and try some of these tools!

Everyone is different and what works today may not work tomorrow. It’s also not a one-shot deal and boom--you are positive forever! (Although that would be great!) It can take using a tool over and over or trying different tools. I’ve used every one of the tools below and they all worked to get me moving in the right direction. My wish is that you will find them beneficial too.

Here’s ten tools to start with! You can always reach out to me for more.

  1. If your day isn’t going well, perhaps you were frustrated and acted it out, or you had that sugary soda and now feel guilty…instead of playing the “blame game” or criticizing yourself--just hit the restart button! Be positive and say – “Okay, I’m human, I accept and love myself. I’m going to restart!”

  2. If you’re having a day of obsessive worry and thoughts, say, “STOP!” Put your hand up in the air. Repeat STOP – until you stop! It’s amazing how this works! Try it in front of the mirror if possible. Then say out loud, something that you want, for example, “I choose happiness!”

  3. Do the smile exercise! Smile for 30 seconds. Try to look in the mirror as you smile and tell yourself “I love you.”

  4. Move your body! Sometimes we need to release negative energy and by circling your arms, your hips, and legs and consciously saying how you want to feel by using “I am” statements. There is empowerment in the spoken words, for example, “I am strong!”

  5. Put post it’s with positive affirmations where you can see them to retrain your neural pathways. Positive thoughts have 100 times more power than negative thoughts! Your first one can be: I am amazing! I’m doing great!

  6. Record a greeting to yourself on your phone! This tool was one of my greatest helpers when I was in a “bout of the blues.” Talk to yourself about how amazing you are and all the wonderful things that are happening to you. Hearing your own voice is powerful.

  7. Have a morning ritual that starts off positive. Using gratitude is great. You can say, thank you for my feet as they touch the floor. Then as you walk, you can be thankful for your legs, etc. You can also say out loud, “Something amazing and wonderful is going to happen today.”

  8. Music is powerful! Put on an upbeat song!  Sing along! Dance along!

  9. Sometimes we need to take a time out and breathe. Breathe slowly in for a count of four and then slowly out for four. Let yourself get into a rhythm with it. Feel yourself slow down and release the tension. You can also google for breathing exercises—there are many out there for different situations.

  10. Commit to a day of self-praise! Create a game where you praise yourself at least five times and check it off on your phone or when you walk by a certain item like your computer- you have to smile and give yourself a compliment.

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