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2024 Top 100 Global Woman Entrepreneurs #34.


Kristine Ochu, Author, and CEO of “Be UnStoppable! Create Your Amazing Life!

February 17, 2024 -

Unveiling the Journey: From Log-Rolling Champion to Empowering Women Everywhere

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2023 Top 100 Global Woman Mentor.

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2022 Global Woman of the Year Finalist

2022 Global Woman of the Year Finalist. Global Woman recognized Kristine for her UNICEF campaign, donating her “Creating Your Amazing Life” workshops during covid, and promoting empowerment and sisterhood through Campfire Confessions.

According to Global Woman, “The Global Woman Awards recognizes the achievements of women who represent different backgrounds, nationalities, cultures and ages. Our aim is to empower women locally and connect them globally. Women who are contributing for positive change in the world, women who build communities, and share their talents/skills to help other people, deserve to be recognized globally.”

Global Woman is a worldwide organization for professional women with the mission to connect globally and empower each other with the sharing of knowledge and resources to lead and bring about positive change for the world. They have organizations in over 25 countries with leaders in business, health, consulting, the arts, etc. Their website is:

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March 23, 2022 Sawyer County Record

“Campfire Confessions,” a novel of three Hayward friends coming together

Article by Frank Zufall Staff Reporter
Kristine Ochu shared how growing up in Hayward influenced her life and gave birth to her women’s fiction novel, “Campfire Confessions.” This story about three childhood best friends, Annie, Jo and Sondra, whose lives are spinning out of control captures the power of friendship. When Annie is found unconscious with pills scattered around her, Jo and Sondra rush to her side, determined to find answers and support her. They escape on a canoeing and camping adventure where they relive their childhood friendship, filled with laughter and pranks allowing them to “take their guard” down and open up. The themes of learning how to embrace self-love, let go of past mistakes and discover the power of forgiveness are explored. Kristine also shares her goals in writing this book that’s been described as a “lauigh-out-loud tribute to sisterhood” and “Sex in the Ciry” meets Eat Pray Love.” Please reach out to Kristine for more information.

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June 15, 2022 Sawyer Country Record

Local author rides wave of international recognition

Article by Frank Zufall Staff Reporter
Kristine Ochu is recognized for Campfire Confessions becoming an International Best-Seller on Amazon with its messages of women empowering women. She was also nominated for the Global Woman of the Year Award 2022 by the Global Woman’s organization. Kristine states that “The book is about women coming together, sharing their strength and knowledge to overcome obstacles and that aligned with the mission of Global Woman.” In addition, Kristine shared how running a UNICEF campaign to help the children refugees of Ukraine was also part of her desire to build and support community around the world. Please reach out to Kristine for more information.

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June 14, CBS 3 Duluth

Kristine was profiled on CBS 3 Duluth, MN on June 14, 2022 for “Campfire Confessions” and “No Pooping On The Dock! The Owl and the Looney, Whacky, Crazy and Naughty Ducks.” Kristine donated her book signing profits to support various local charities including the Hayward Library Foundation, the Winged Freedom Raptor Hospital, the Northwoods Humane Society, and the Ovarian Cancer Symptom Awareness Organization.

Campfire Confessions UNICEF campaign!

We did it together! On April 26 - May 1, 2022, kindle sale proceeds went to help the Ukrainian children refugees through UNICEF.

This initiative became a global movement with readers, friends and strangers connecting in friendship, compassion and support to make a difference. Much love, Kristine

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Please contact me by clicking below or email me at or leave a message at 978-407-4148.

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