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It’s been my dream to share, Campfire Confessions, my novel with the world! I felt women were hungry for an adventure that has been called a “Laugh out loud tribute to sisterhood that is equal parts hilarious, dangerous and enlightening.” I had purposely woven tools from my “Creating Your Amazing and Adventurous Life” Workshops into Campfire Confessions, and decided to continue to share this powerful information.

“Creating Your Amazing and Adventurous Life” program is for women who want to up-level their life—to start where you are today and make it more amazing and adventurous!

You may know what you want or sense something is missing. You feel a calling inside of you. You believe life is a gift and want to make the most of it. You want to make it amazing and adventurous!

And what is amazing? What is adventurous? The answer is up to you. You get to define it. It could be having a great circle of friends, enjoying a hobby or building a business—the possibilities are endless!

But how? Maybe you’ve tried before but became overwhelmed. You stayed on the same path because it was easier. But not anymore—you know it’s time to make the changes. You realize the need to have an overall program that connects your mind, body and soul.

Where do you start?

Right here. “Creating Your Amazing and Adventurous Life” workshops and programs is a step-by-step process that will prepare you, motivate you and guide you through your obstacles towards success—whatever that means to you!

This powerful process includes:
1. Gaining clarity on what you want and setting those intentions!
2. Understanding the inner and outer obstacles that can get in the way!
3. Developing action plans to overcome the obstacles!
4. Raising your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy as you get started!
5. Creating and using your empowering tool kit to get motivated and to stay on track!

Let’s be creative together!

We can customize workshops to fit your needs. One of my favorite workshops is the “Night of a Woman’s Soul.” We can dive deeper into the themes in Campfire Confessions about learning how to embrace self-love and forgiveness and learn techniques to let go of things that no longer serve us.

One-on-One Coaching!

Sometimes we all need some personal support. Feel free to reach out to me and we can explore ways to empower you on your amazing journey!

Please feel free to contact me by clicking below or by emailing me at or leave a message at 978-407-4148.

Please contact me by clicking below or email me at or leave a message at 978-407-4148.

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