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I’m so happy that you have discovered my children’s book, “No Pooping on the Dock. The Owl and the Looney, Whacky, Crazy and Naughty Ducks!” Children and adults laugh together, reading the comical story of the Owl, who is willing to share his dock with the Looney, Whacky, Crazy and Naughty ducks. However, the owl has one rule---there is no pooping on the dock! When one by one, the ducks disobey, everyone is appalled!

Readers have been wonderful, sending emails and photos of themselves reading the book. They share that it’s a favorite bedtime story and how they’ve discovered how much kids love to say, “No pooping on the dock!”

I made up the story trying to cheer up my two granddaughters when they were five and two. It became such a hit that they made me write it down. Then my dear friend, Robin Marcus who is an amazing artist guided me through the drawing process. (You can discover Robin on Facebook). I decided to self-publish and the majority of the profits have gone to support the Northwoods Humane Society in Hayward, Wisconsin and along with donating copies to Golisano Children’s hospital of Southwest Florida and other charitable events. You can click here to purchase a copy through Amazon.

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